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I just cannot beginning to express how amazed I am at the simplicity of the program but the effectiveness. I mentioned in the course during feedback that Mike Fisher is just real cool and was told by Paula and Julian that that would be something that he would like to hear – SO Mike you really are immensely cool, cool headed, cool natured, cool giving – YOU ARE COOL!


This is not exactly a brief summary but I ask to be excused – i also mentioned to the lady I spoke to that I felt there were areas of the course that I felt could lend nicely to some dramatisation and felt that I would like to explore this during my learning and would be interested in knowing how I could gain permission to trial a couple of ideas I have and then forward the feed back on to some one at BA-AM!? Just found the whole process really life changing corny I know but very very true! Definitely something I could see my self incorporating into my personal life and drama therapy in order to help others – thought about using masks, taking the unfreezing of past hurts literally as in having people actual step into to different roles and act out what they would’ve wanted to happen instead – so the use of freeze frames at crucial points and then hot-seating into the different roles, and lots more random things have popped into my head since the course ended.


Sorry I have seriously rambled but what I really wanted to emphasise is that I am in awe of Julian and Paula and I know they have been trained my Mike and that they only know a portion of what he knows as they cannot attach the personal experiences that Mike has experienced which came across in the book. SO thank you much you cool dude!! from Monica – a once exceptionally mismanaged angry individual who now understands there are other ways to express my anger, hurt or shame that does not require me to go down the rage road! – I still however love and respect my anger it makes me human and reminds me that I live each day with passion and purpose as if I didn’t get angry, hurt, sad, scared, shamed, empowered, or happy about things – I would not want to change things and life would remain very much the same – BORING!!


Monica Hall, Necastle-on-Lyme


Dear All, My apologies for not saying good bye at the end of such an intense and awesome weekend. I rushed out to catch a 5:07 train and realised I left without saying good bye to anyone. I just wanted to say that collectively, you all made a profound impact on me. I learned so much about myself and each one of you. It was incredibly helpful to hear everyone’s vulnerability which allowed me in turn to show my own vulnerability.


I wish you all the best of luck in your travels and please feel free to contact me any time.




Today I feel peaceful, happy and sad.


I never thought I would have the best night sleep last night after such an intensive anger management course but I did feel extremely sad as i missed driving all that way to see you. I had a great time and I learnt so much.


I had the best experience of my life and gained the most valuable information. Now i feel confident that I have the tools to control my anger.


I am grateful to you and the guys on the course helping me get through this course as I found the whole experience very emotional due to personal circumstances and I am so grateful.


Mike, you are a great guy, a real cool dude. A great teacher who has given me me so much hope. It seems as if my voice has been heard for the first time since i was 10-11 years old.


Have a great Christmas and New Year.


Gordon, East London (2010) 


I just wanted to thank you for all the help and support you given me last weekend. I’m feeling happy, confident and powerful.


One of the biggest thing I learned is that we have a choice and we make the choices that end up getting me nowhere. I practised bit of self control yesterday and was able to calm down when I told myself not to take it personally. Its a very good start and I’m confident I can apply all the methods and techniques that I have learned as my partner is very understanding and supportive. The only problem I had was looking back into my childhood – I don’t remember too many incidents but I guess it will come in time.


In future I hope to have my anger under control and be nice to people who care about me. I also hope I can see my daughter more and can’t wait for the day when I get to take her home and care for her. She means everything to me and I love her so much. I pray and hope that I will be able to build a relationship with her and always be there.


It was an eye opener of an event and learning to open up more and tell my partner about my feelings. I will also start with the logs once I read through the book again with my partner. Good luck with everything you do and hope you go on to help even more people like me. Thanks for everything.


– J. Philip, London


The Workshop provided me with 2 tangible tools. An understanding of where my anger comes from and therefore an improved mechanism to recognise the symptoms and address the feelings before they explode into anger. I’ve taken these lessons into my life, and it has had a transformational impact. Thank you. S.Fine, BA2 East Grinstead Oct 2011.


I attended a six day understanding anger course, what a fascinating subject Anger is, you have to learn so much about yourself and how your Anger is triggered to be more self aware of why others display Anger in the ways they do. Parents that have attended the Understanding Anger for Parents have been amazed at the content and how simple a complex subject matter can be to take home and reflect on. Calmness and healthy anger can be expressed much better when we can comprehend it better and understand the primary needs that each of us needs to feel. My own family have benefited as they have all attended a course that gives them a clear insight into Anger and it’s guises. Kate Subanney, Development and Commissioning Manager, Understanding Anger for Parents Aug 2011.


This is a truly life changing course. While there can never be a quick fix for understanding or dealing with anger, the techniques taught and the insight into why, is a fundamental step in growing as a person. Mike Fisher’s knowledge of the subject and how to make a room of strangers share deep and intimate experiences that help shape the course of our understanding together is unique and profoundly moving. I can’t recommend this course enough and will be attending a refresher course.


– N. Evans – BA2: East Grinstead (2011)


I had forever taken out my anger on others around me and closest to me – so, I decided enough was enough, I needed to sort out my anger before it sorted me out. I was sick and tired of making the same mistakes due to losing my temper and not being able to control myself. It surely could only lead to total self destruction. Being at this low point in my life I researched anger management group therapy on the internet and luckily found BAAM. It sounded honest and to the point with lots of interesting facts and testimonials to read through which was comforting and led me to believe the course was exactly what I was looking for. I especially wanted to participate in group therapy instead of one to one sessions so I could benefit from others experiences and share my own.


In the last 3 months this course has given me the tools to continue changing my life for the better – to train my brain – it will only work if I practice and make perfect – I am so glad for finding this course as its exactly what I had been looking for – I feel fortunate and extremely lucky for finding it – it’s well worth it – I have learnt so much about myself not only with anger but other areas also – and not only about myself but about other people around me also – it’s funny, almost every time I had a question in my head prior to the sessions or at the sessions if I didnt ask the questions myself then someone else would – it was a really amazing experience – it’s a touching experience that I am eternally grateful for and I surely will never forget ever.


– J. Edwards – BA2: East Grinstead (July 2011)