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Anger-Journal-CoverIf you find it difficult to accept the concept of stillness or to practise mindfulness meditation, a good place to start is to engage in an artistic process or physical exercise. The idea is to get your brain to SWITCH OFF and your body to de-stress.


“Take your journal and, in some quiet time, reflect on a few of the things you’ve done in the past that brought you joy and helped you relax. If you need to be reminded, ask family members or revisit a previous passion and re-engage with it. Record your findings in your journal.”


The aim is to get used to the idea of being unstimulated, to engage in activities that leave you feeling peaceful as opposed to adrenalised. Even if it’s only for 15 minutes a day, it’s a beginning, and you can work at increasing it. Notice what effect it has on your well-being and outlook to life, and record those feelings in your journal also.