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One to One counselling & Coaching

Sessions with Mike Fisher in East Grinstead or London


Mike Fisher, the ‘brains behind BA-AM’ has over 19 years of experience in the field of personal and professional development. Mike has become known as the leading expert in the field of anger management in the UK and has contributed to many radio interviews, magazine and newspaper articles and television documentaries including ‘NASTY BOSSES’, ‘THE ANGRIEST MAN IN BRITAIN’, ‘LOSING IT’, ‘ VIOLENT FATHERS’ with Kilroy Silk, ‘BIG BROTHER’S LITTLE BROTHER’ and a 1-hour programme for BBC3 ‘CAN’T STOP LOSING MY COOL’ in March 2005.


Due to the growing demand for anger management literature Rider Books, part of Random House publishers recently commissioned Mike Fisher to write a book from his unique perspective called ‘BEATING ANGER’ published in February 2005. Over 45 000 copies have been sold since its release.


Originally trained in humanistic counselling, psychotherapy and group facilitation, Mike brings his own unique blend of different models, theories and practical applications to this challenging and specialised field making the integration of the work enjoyable, fun and exciting. His wealth of knowledge and experience gives clients the added benefit of his expertise.


The sessions are conducted in an informal way, giving you the opportunity to explore your anger at your own pace. You will discover what your anger triggers are, your anger styles, where your anger comes from, why you react the way you do, identify your own natural resources, learn the eight-point plan for coping with anger & rage, what are anger substitutes, simple coping strategies, dealing with trauma, staying in the FLOW and generally how to beat yours and other peoples anger.


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