Bespoke Programmes

We offer bespoke programmes to private and public organisations, which can be held at our premises or at any designated venue.

  • Select from various proven modules to meet your needs
  • Have BAAM train your staff in anger management skills
  • Conduct an internal audit to assess levels of distress in the workplace
  • Get help in dealing with corporate stress and conflict resolution

Give us a call if you have any questions or would like to discuss your needs.


A 2-day Aggressive Prevention Training – (A.P.T.)
for Teachers, Learning Mentors & Support Staff.

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A programme for young people.

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A one-day programme for Teachers, Mentors & Parents.

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One Day Beating Stress Day Course

This one day course is designed to meet the needs of anyone that recognises the presence of stress in their lives and wish to take steps to deal with it. If you recognise the relationship between stress and conflict you will understand that this is a great way of taking preventative action. Given our expertise in our field you would expect we would come at this from a unique perspective and we do.

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Dealing with difficult people

We help you explore your own personal relationship with anger and how you manage it when under pressure.We cover strategies and tactics for managing challenging people and threatening situations.


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 Some of the organisations BAAM has worked with:

• Social Services • Court Services • Probation Services • Youth Criminal Justice • BAA • NHS • London Underground • Police Services • State Schools • Connexions • EMAP • South Central Train Services • Ford • BT