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Beating Anger: The eight-point plan for coping with rage



We all feel angry at times. It can be an uncomfortable emotion, yet it is almost a taboo subject. We get very little guidance in our culture on how to deal with it, and the guilt or violence that may accompany it.


Here is the perfect book to help anyone from 16-75 years old to beat their anger – or help anyone else to do the same. Aimed at parents, families, young adults and teachers, social and youth workers, health care professionals, managers, customer service departments, psychotherapists and counsellors – there cannot be many men or women who have not felt uncomfortable when they are angry, and wondered what to do about it.


BAAM is considered the leading specialist organisation in the field. Founded by Mike Fisher in 2001, its mailing list reaches approximately 10,000 people a month and it receives enquiries from all over the world, and from all walks of life.


Beating Anger is endorsed by BAAM, and used on all its anger management courses. It explains what anger is, what triggers it, the various different types of anger – and its substitutes – how to heal emotional aggression, and the 8 Golden Rules of Anger Management.


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“I feel this book is well written by an anger sufferer who knows how it feels, he speaks from the heart. There is no fluffing just good solid explanations and lots of exercises, if you are serious about self discovery and healing these will be awesome.

Recovery isn’t easy and Mike makes no apology for that. In my opinion the exercises are totally relevant, difficult yes, but relevant. It took me about 30 hours to read this book due to its content and time required for the exercises.

I was so impressed I have booked and attended one of the authors workshops, Mike is a truly gifted individual, buy the book, it works.”

Mej Newman